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Preparing your Jamaican New Year's Resolutions


Coming up with great new year’s resolutions is a tricky business. Losing weight, exercising, getting up earlier, and working harder are all incredibly general and we’ve all already failed at those at least once. It’s time to mix things up a little bit with some delicious Island themed resolutions!

Get Through the Year Without Ever Shying Away From the Jerk Seasoning

The tasty firestorm that jerk seasoning makes out of inferior dishes is something to be cherished, but sometimes, even though the spirit is willing, the body is weak. Don’t worry though, this year can be different!

This year, when you’re starting to sweat, and the tears start to flow, remember your new year’s resolution and power through that purifying burn with a smile as you reach for more. Before you know it, your tolerance will build, and nothing will ever hold you back again.



 Invent one new Jerk Food Every Month This Year

We love traditional Jamaican food, but we also love innovation and jerk seasoning. One day we were on twitter and saw the hashtag #jerkeverything, and we like to think of its existence as a challenge.

This year, invent some brand new flavors like jerk chocolate, jerk apples, or jerk gummi bears. Post it on twitter or instagram and tag us #JamaicanCountryStyle, we’d love to see what you come up with!

Make a New Island Dish Every Week

Are you one of the millions of millennials wavering somewhere between college and adulthood? 2016 is your year to get the hang of this “adulting” thing, because you’re finally going to learn to cook.

Become a real expert by learning a new Jamaican recipe every week. Not only will you develop a new and delicious skill, you’ll get to eat wonderful island fare all the time!

Introduce 3 Friends to The Wonders of Caribbean Cuisine

It's not fair to hog all that delicious island fare while your friends are stuck with bland burgers and tasteless mash. This year, go out and help your friends and family expand their food horizons with amazing flavors like sorrel, curry, ackee, oxtail, jerk, and more! With your new island cooking skills, you'll be that talk of the town in no time!

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