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5 Interesting Ways to Use Jerk Seasoning


We already know that you can add jerk seasoning to your favorite chicken, pork, beef and fish recipes to give it that added flair of Jamaican flavor. But there are some really interesting ways you can add this traditional spice to your everyday dishes, making it not just interesting, but deliciously unique. The Scotch Bonnet Pepper in Jerk seasoning gives it that classic Jamaican kick. It's not the hottest pepper in the world, but it's definitely the tastiest.



1. Mix in with your scrambled eggs

You can bring a little creativity and lots of flavor to your scrambled eggs by adding a little jerk. The result…a unique combination that will have you looking at eggs in a whole different way. The jerk seasoning has very strong spices, so be careful not to overwhelm your eggs, you only need a little with a side of toast.

2. Mix with Guacamole (avocado) for an awesome dip

This is especially great for parties. Simply add some jerk seasoning to your guacamole for an amazing dip. This fusion of a Mexican favorite with Jamaican treasure, is sure to bring an exotic combination to a simple dip dish. If you want to go all out “yardie,” then serve this delicious dip with some Excelsior Jamaican Water Crackers.

3. Mix with Mayonnaise for an awesome sandwich spread

Lively up any sandwich or burger with some jerk Mayo. Simply add some jerk seasoning to your store bought or home-made mayonnaise mixture and Viola!!!...deliciousness. This is an awesome way to bring some flavor to a plain sandwich. Ditch the butter and add some jerk mayo to your grilled corn as well…Shhh…be careful not to reveal your secret ingredient.

4. Jerk French Fries

Add some island flavor to those regular French fries. This actually works better with the JCS Dry Jerk Seasoning. All you need with this one is a package of frozen crispy French fries and some dry jerk seasoning. Bake fries and then sprinkle on jerk seasoning. The JCS Jerk ketchup serves as a great dip for these fries.

5. Mix with Tuna

Spruce up your tuna sandwich by simple adding some jerk seasoning into your mixture. This not only goes great on a sandwich, but can serve as an interesting appetizer when paired with crackers.

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