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Health Benefits of Ginger

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Ginger root is known for its tangy, sweet, and sometimes spicy taste. But few know all of the health benefits of drinking ginger tea.

The healing benefits of ginger are mainly due to its volatile oils and the high oleoresin content. A lot of research is now taking place to further investigate the herbal benefits of this root and so far the list has many.

One of the main and more popular benefits of ginger tea is the help it gives to the digestion process. Daily intake of ginger tea can relieve one of stomach problems such as flatulence, diarrhea and indigestion.

Ginger tea is a good remedy for preventing nausea and vomiting. Gingerols found in ginger are responsible for blocking the body’s reflex to vomit and also decreasing oxidative products made in the digestive tract that cause nausea to occur.

Ginger tea is also a great way to promote heart health. It lowers blood cholesterol levels and reduces the clotting and thinning of blood. It has a good effect on the circulatory system by assisting circulation and by helping reduce high blood pressure.

Women’s health can also benefit greatly from regular ginger tea intake. It is helpful in relaxing the muscular spasms and relieving the pain present during menstrual periods. It can give relief from nausea in cases of pregnancy.

Other benefits include:

  • 1. Reduced heartburn
  • 2. Anti-fungal properties
  • 3. Good for reducing dizziness
  • 4. A good aid for asthma
  • 5. A good remedy for bad breath

If you are looking for one of these many health benefits or help relieving any of these symptoms remember to try JCS Ginger Tea, JCS Ginger Beer Soda, JCS Ground Ginger, and JCS Instant Ginger Tea.

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