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Cross Culture : How It Works


For many, a new year signifies new beginnings. What better way to begin the 2013 year than taking the opportunity to experience new foods. Why not freshen up your new year with some enticing new recipes? You may be surprised at how simple it is to add unique and delicious flavors to your everyday meals.

Ethnic foods, specifically Caribbean foods, are a major trend to look out for in the food industry in 2013. Caribbean cuisine is a direct reflection of its culture. Its rich history tells the story of many cultures coming together to become one. Caribbean gastronomy is a unique fusion of various cultures such as Chinese, Indian, African, and Spanish. It’s these influences that give Caribbean cuisine the ability to have such mass appeal and is gaining traction among the mainstream due to its unique mix of flavors.

Visit your local supermarket and you will notice that the ethnic food section is no longer a small portion of an aisle, but an entire aisle or section. Today’s consumer is looking for fresh, spicy, bold and adventurous flavors that are typical of Caribbean cuisine. Its exotic quality has struck a chord with consumers as both friendly and mystifying.

Several factors have contributed to this fascination with Caribbean fare. The increasing popular food trucks are an exciting new way to experiment and discover new food experiences. This is especially true when it comes to Caribbean foods. Usually these food trucks are managed by descendants of the actual cuisines and cultures being offered. They possess the ability and knowledge to share the heritage and passion for their food. Consumers now have access to these foods which removes the intimidation and expense of having to go to a restaurant. This allows food companies and retailers to bring to market authentic Caribbean cuisines, recipes and ingredients. Consumers benefit from its convenience and affordability.

The cruise industry is another mean in which consumers are being exposed to Caribbean food and culture. Since 1980, the cruise industry has grown an average of 7.4% per year. Of those passengers, 43% make the Caribbean their choice destination for their vacations. Exposure to the food and culture while on vacation is great way for consumers to experience Caribbean cuisine. With this ever expanding enthusiasm for Caribbean cuisine, plenty of opportunities await food companies and retailers who can capture the color, taste and excitement of this multi-dimensional cuisine.

With retail sales of Caribbean food products already climbing, Caribbean cuisine is seeping into the mainstream. Television has played a big role in this occurrence as many celebrity chefs have introduced millions more to Caribbean cooking, paving the way to island inspiration at home. At restaurants, many chefs often decide on a broader take on Caribbean themes in lieu of authentic island recipes. The fusion between the conventional and the flair of Caribbean cuisine make for countless mouth-watering combinations.

Jamaican Jerk is the perfect vehicle for fusion dishes and is a signature item of several restaurant chains. The slow-cooked, tender, and savory method of cooking meat is comprised of scallions, thyme and a mix of island seasonings, which typifies the flavorful island approach to meat preparation. The “jerk” approach to cooking holds infinite possibilities. Jerk chicken pizza, jerk fish tacos, jerk shrimp pasta, and jerk burgers are just a few of the dishes that have flavorful appeal to growing numbers of Caribbean restaurant patrons. Products like our JCS Boston Jerk Seasoning, point the way to profit for enterprising processors.

Challenge yourself to try something new this year. Whether at home or at a restaurant; fusion or traditional; allow yourself to be a part of this incredible cultural exchange. The experience that is Caribbean cuisine is a tasteful and colorful mix of spicy, exciting foods that are doused in island flavors. Culture has never tasted this good.

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