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Kingston-Miami Trading Co. Announces New Website Launch!

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We are very excited to announce the launch of our newly designed website JCS Kitchen. This new site fuses the authentic taste of the Caribbean with e-commerce, adding a sharp new look that will engage our customers in a way that is highly interactive and user friendly. Our aim is to make Caribbean cooking easy for any household, whether it is traditional, fusion, or simple and affordable.

The new site features an online retail store where customers can easily purchase a product, search for a recipe, and find related items. Searching for products is simple with the expanded “Search” function. The Search feature will find a keyword from our full line of products, and will simultaneously search through videos, articles, and recipes. The result is a more intuitive and complete experience for our customers using JCS Kitchen that will benefit any cooking novice, experienced chef, or a simple home-made dinner for a family.

In the spirit of educating our consumers, our recipes section has been revamped with a more streamlined experience through social media. Customers can browse recipes by category, find related products, and have the ability to print and share their favorite recipes through Facebook ( and Twitter (!/JCSKitchen). Not only does this allow our customers to stay connected to everything JCS, but they can also share their thoughts and tips with other enthusiastic JCS customers. Our customers can also find out about our latest online deals, learn about new products available on, and share everything JCS via their social network of choice.

“Having the ability to share our products through social networks was a logical step for us”, stated Joseph Enriquez, Director of Marketing. “We are very proud of our brands and stand behind all of our products. That same time and effort that goes into making our products went into making sure our new site is a total experience for our customers. Online, on the phone, or in person, customer service is always paramount for our company. This is a major step forward for us and our customers, and we are extremely happy with the outcome.”

Continuing with the theme of educating the customer, JCS Kitchen will also launch a series of 'How to' videos that will show various cooking tips and techniques, product benefits, and recipes. Customers can view videos on culture and culinary arts in the Videos section and read articles in the Lifestyle & Culture section. Consumers are also able to keep up with the latest news and events by viewing our News section and signing up for the JCS Kitchen Newsletter.

Neil P. Cha-Fong, General Manager added: “We are very proud to launch A great amount of effort was put into this project and we know that everyone, and especially our most loyal customers, will enjoy the new website. We are greatly encouraged by all of the positive feedback we have received from others. JCS Kitchen also allows our products to be readily accessible nationally and internationally.”

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