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Preparing your Jamaican New Year's Resolutions

Coming up with great new year’s resolutions is a tricky business. Losing weight, exercising, getting up earlier, and working harder are all incredibly general and we’ve all already failed at those at least once. It’s time to mix thi...
JCS Coconut Flan

4 Simple New Year's Eve Desserts Ideas with an Island flair

Spend more time with your family and friends ringing in the New Year and less time in the kitchen, by trying these quick and simple dessert ideas that have a bit of an Island flair. These great tasting desserts have one thing in common…the JCS Coconu...
burgers 1

An island twist on your New Year’s Eve Party appetizers

Kick-off your New Year’s Eve party with these great appetizer ideas. Nothing better than ringing in the New Year with just the right amount of spice and Island flavor. Forget the New Year’s count down…these appetizers will have you...
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JCS Kitchen Jamaican Christmas Cake

With so many versions of the famous Jamaican Christmas Cake, Black Cake, it's hard to find an authentic recipe. We guarantee that with this recipe you will find the presence of all the unique flavors that make this cake a traditional holiday favorite...
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