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The Finest Caribbean Foods Since 1982


Jerk Turkey

The Perfect Jamaican Twist on Your Thanksgiving Dinner

The JCS Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is delightfully simple to make but doesn’t skimp on the flavor on bit. Our Jerk Seasoning adds the perfect combination of zesty spices, giving that traditional Thanksgiving turkey a flavorful Island twist that...

The Story Behind Ackee

If you’ve ever eaten or heard of Jamaican food, then you’ve probably heard the word “ackee” at some point or other. Most notably, Ackee makes up the non-fish part of the national dish: Ackee and Saltfish. So, for the uninitiated, the question remains...
Ackee and saltfish

5 Delicious Jamaican Foods You Wish You had In Front of You Right Now

Jamaican cuisine is a melting pot that reflects the diversity of its citizens’ origins. European, African, and Asian traditions met here and created something new and delicious.
Wings for Halloween 400

The Perfect Jamaican Dishes for Your Halloween Party

Halloween might not be traditionally celebrated in Jamaica, but that doesn’t have to stop you from adding a bit of island flair to your Pumpkin bash.
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